Project Experience

The entity Mackenzie Hydrocarbons Pty Ltd was registered in March 1990 and became Mackenzie Hydrocarbons (Australia) Pty Ltd (MKZ) in 2005. Key Mackenzie Hydrocarbons personnel have had over thirty years experience in oil and gas projects and FPSO projects. Since its incorporation the company has successfully executed many projects including:

  • Hundreds of process vessels for conventional platforms and FPSO’s covering two and three phase separators, scrubbers, slug catchers and K.O. drums.
  • Vessel internals such as momentum breakers, inlet vane distributors, coalescer packs, mesh demisters and vane mist eliminators, anti motion baffles, defoamer plates and laminar flow vanes.
  • Electrostatic treaters, product treaters, dehydrators, desalters.
  • Design and modeling FPSO installations for optimum configuration of vessel internals.
  • Electrochlorination plants
  • Hydrogen Production plants, Hydrogen Purification.
  • Fuel Gas Treatment.
  • Fuel oil conditioning plants.
  • Topping Plants, Crude Oil Treating packages.
  • Mini-Refineries, Micro-Refineries.

Specific details of project experience listed by industry served, equipment provided and project location can be provided on request.