Heater Treaters – Process Design

Heater-treaters are used for treating heavy crude oil which cannot be resolved into its constituents using ambient temperature. Over many projects, Mackenzie Hydrocarbons has acquired detailed experience in fired heaters including fired U-tube, water bath, oil bath and salt bath heaters, combustion management systems and burner designs. The heater can be a separate vessel to the treater or heating facilities can be installed in the front end of a single vessel, with treating section obviously being the back end.

Supply Options

For direct supply to oil companies, the company will normally supply the entire installation as a complete assembly, ready to be installed and connected to external systems. Alternatively Mackenzie Hydrocarbons can offer specialised substems to other suppliers. In particular the company offers to supply fabricators of vessels the internal components they need to achieve the design objectives.

Process Options

Whereas the heating section is invariably fired U-tube(s), there are options in the back end. The treating may be electrostatic technology or coalescer pack or a combination of these.

Effluent Water

With emphasis on being environmentally acceptable, secondary treating of the effluent is another option we offer.


Smaller sized heater-treaters can be vertical vessels if space is a problem.