Treating LPG

LPG is a general term that describes mixtures of propane, butanes, propylene, and butylene. LPG storage, transfer facilities, vapourisers and LPG-mixing plants are all available from Mackenzie Hydrocarbons.

LPG Facilities Available:

  • LPG storage, transfer facilities, vapourisers, and LPG-air mixing plants
  • Water-bath, electric element or direct fired LPG vapourisers.
  • Storage facilities designed to the relevant code and include fail-safe shut-off valves
  • LPG-Air mixing plants designed to meet the general burning characteristics of Natural Gas (mostly Methane) using Wobbe Index and Weaver flame speed factor.
  • Treating of LPG including molecular sieve dehydration, molecular sieve sweetening (removal of sulfur compounds), calcium chloride dehydration and solid bed desulfurization.

There are subtle differences between the hydrocarbons in the mix which might lead to trace-heating of pipeworks to avoid condensation with cold ambient temperature, or making the different constituents to avoid higher calorific value spikes, and paying attention to o-ring seals etc if the olefins are present.