Gas Treating Experience

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons has executed numerous gas treatment projects such as glycol dehydration, molecular sieve adsorption, and cold temperature separation. The company supplies gas conditioning packages including filter separators, coalescers, pressure regulator stations, fuel gas treating for gas turbines, and gas odorization facilities. The company is a license holder of specific process engineering design software packages PROSIM, T-SWEET and HYSIM. In addition the company has developed its own proprietary software for design of gas treatment systems.

Typical Gas Treatment Equipment

Typical of gas treatment equipment supplied by the company are NGL recovery facilities, low temperature separators, adsorption facilities, dehydrators, sweetening equipment, natural gas regulation and metering stations and LPG facilities. Further detail of the equipment offered can be obtained by clicking on the links on the panel to the side of this page. Should further details of specific equipment items be needed, please contact our office.