Natural Gas Regulation and Metering

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons has designed, supplied and commissioned a number of natural gas pressure/metering stations, city-gates stations and fuel gas treating for a number of power stations. These plants incorporate pressure control valves followed by various gas treatments to the downstream gas. Typical downstream treatments are filter-separators or coalescers, intermediate heating including super heat facitilities to prevent recondensation of liquids. Odorization may be necessary (either by chemical injection or absorption of the odorant by a side-stream of gas).

Over pressure protection is critical and can be covered by a number of options:

  • Active/Monitor Pressure Control Valves
  • Slam Shut Valves – usually located at the inlet to the facilities
  • Modulating Safety Relief Valve
  • Parallel runs 100% flow capacity

The package may be designed to function without electric power by using self contained pressure regulators, inspirater burners, Kimray-type burner control, “bypass” odorization, self-actuated level control valves for liquid removal and pilot operated relief valves. Plus battery operated controls for any emergency.