Scope of Supply – Oil and Gas Production Facilities

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons designs and supplies a full range of equipment to the oil and gas industries for applications such as separating mixed streams of gas and crude oil, and removing contaminants such as mud, water and salt from oil and gas streams. Modularised systems are supplied preassembled, skid mounted, pretested and ready for piping up to and connection to power. Installations are individually engineered and customized to suit specific applications.

Equipment Supplied to the Oil and Gas Industry

Typical equipment supplied by Mackenzie Hydrocarbons to the oil and gas industry for refinery and platform operations includes

  • separators
  • scrubbers
  • slug catchers
  • low temperature separators
  • equipment and engineering studies for FPSO projects
  • heater treaters
  • desalters and dehydrators
  • water bath heaters
  • gas conditioning equipment
  • filters and coalescers
  • oily water treatment systems
  • crude oil fractionation/stabilization systems

Further details of equipment offered can be obtained by clicking on the links on the side panel to the left of this page. Should details greater detail of the equipment be required, please contact our office.