Crude oil processing

Field processing of crude oil and gas aims to separate the well stream into saleable products, recovering the maximum amount of each at the minimum cost. To meet this objective, processing must eliminate from the well stream undesirable contaminants such as water, salt and entrained solids. Most of the field processing equipment supplied by MKZ is employed removing contaminants and separating the incoming well stream into separate streams containing the optimum mix of constituents.

Typical Applications in the oil and gas industry

MKZ designs and supplies a full range of modular plants for treating crude oil, both offshore and in oil refineries. Total oil/gas/water separation packages are offered including separators scrubbers, knockout drums, oily-water separators, electrostatic treaters, heater-treaters, liquid coalescers, gas filters and condensate recovery.

Typical equipment for crude oil field operations

Typical equipment supplied for crude oil operations in the field (oil patch) are desalters, dehydrators and heater-treaters, crude oil fractionation facilities, LPG Recovery systems, oil/water/gas separators, crude/condensate stabilization facilities oily-water treating, gas treating (dehydration), water/oil/salt bath heaters, gas conditioning equiment such as filters, and coalescers. Further detail of the equipment offered can be obtained by clicking on the links on the panel to the left of this page.Should details of specific equipment items be needed,please contact our office.