Low Temperature Separators (LTS)

Low Temperature Separation (LTS) units usually consist of:

  • Low Temperature Separator
  • Free Liquid Knockout Section
  • Heat Exchanger (Inlet/Outlet for heat recovery)
  • Choke (the critical item)
  • Flash Vessel / Second Stage Separator (optional)

Typical Projects

LPG Recovery

MKZ provided the process design for LPG recovery for 20 MM SCFD natural gas. The major process packages included are a refrigeration module, feed gas compressor and heat transfer fluid fired heater. All equipment and instrumentation was provided by Mackenzie Hydrocarbons.

Gas Reception Stations

MKZ has designed, supplied and commissioned a number of natural gas pressure / metering stations, such as the project for a New Zealand Power Station, which was quite substantial in size, City-Gates Stations for natural gas pipeline facilities in Victoria and New South Wales, and fuel gas treating for a number of small-sized Power Stations. All these plants needed pressure reduction control valves followed by some form of treating of the gas / liquid produced. This varied from using filter-separators operating at relatively low temperatures through to intermediate heating including super heat facility to prevent recondensation of liquids.

Condensate Stabilization Module

This project included a low temperature separator down stream of the pressure reduction facilities which recovered the condensate. The liquids were then sent to the regasification skid where the condensate was stabilized.

Fuel Gas Treating Package for Offshore Platform

This plant handled eleven different feed streams, and a number of the streams had pressure reduction so that we had low temperature gas and condensate as the potential fuel gas. The condensate was separated out and the gas heated through electric element heaters to meet the required specification. This was an unusual job because the balance of the feed streams were at ambient temperature, or hotter, and needed a cooler to reduce the temperature to meet the required specification. The instrumentation of the process module was therefore quite complex.

Typical Offshore Gas Package

As the fuel gas treating package project above, the fuel gas went through a pressure reduction stage and a low temperature separator was included in this project, too. There was an electric element heater down stream that brought the fuel gas back to the required temperature.

Joule-Thomson Effect for Condensate Recovery

We completed a paid design study for a National Oil Company for a condensate recovery system using pressure reduction and mechanical separation for gas / liquids, the gas flow rate was 32,000,000 SCFD.