Separators – Removing Impurities

The well stream of crude oil and natural gas will always contain impurities that need to be removed prior to downstream processing. The nature of the oil and gas, and of the impurities carried in the well stream differs from one source of hydrocarbons to the next. The methods of removal vary accordingly – to suit the nature of the impurities and the properties of the parent hydrocarbon.

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons Range of Solutions

Because Mackenzie Hydrocarbons offers a complete range of separation equipment, and a complete design service to handle all crude properties and known impurities, the company can offer a separation package to suit any conditions. The company supplies total oil/gas/water separation packages including separators, scrubbers, slug-catchers, knockout drums, oily-water separators, electrostatic treaters, heater-treaters, desalters, electrostatic dehydrators, liquid coalescers, gas filters, mesh and vane demisters and condensate recovery systems. Some combination of this equipment, appropriately sized and configured, will be right for your job.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons offers CFD, a mathematical technique for predicting the flow characteristics.