Fuel Gas Treating

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons (MKZ) provides modular plants for conditioning fuel gas for gas turbines or other power generators. Plant packages are customized to suit the specifications of the gas required. Depending on the constituents of the feed gas, contaminants removed by gas conditioning equipment may include water, condensates, entrained solids, carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds, mercury and nitrogen. Usually there are strict requirements for exit temperature, pressure and dew point.


The main application of gas conditioning packages is to treat the fuel gas for gas turbines generating power for offshore platforms. MKZ gas conditioning packages are also used for on-shore power generation in remote locations where feed gas is available.

Methods of Treatment

Methods of treatment vary with the consituents of the fuel gas.

  • Solids – filtration / screens
  • Liquids – coalescer elements / cooling
  • Condensate – cooling
  • Carbon Dioxide – absorption / adsorption
  • Sulfur – adsorption
  • Mercury – adsorption
  • Nitrogen – molecular gate

Combination of processes to meet Wobbe Index, Calorific Value, Weaver Flame Speed.