Hydrogen Plants

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons uses in-house process design/software for the design and fabrication of various hydrogen facilities – steam/hydrocarbon reformers, dissociation of methanol, pressure swing adsorption (PSA), purification of hydrogen, electrolytic technology (electrolysis of water), the catalytic de-oxo process, adsorption hydrogen driers, compressor facilities, and storage.

Typical Applications

Typical applications for hydrogen plants supplied by the company include alternator cooling duties in power stations, providing atmospheres in reducing and annealing furnaces for the metallurgical industry, and for edible oils hydrogenation in the chemical industry. Applications for reformers include hydrogen peroxide manufacture, merchant sales and fatty acid production.

Reformers work either from imported LPG or naptha, or need to be located next to natural gas pipelines. Methanol dissociation is a possible alternative to reformers, particularly in places remote from a supply of natural gas, since the methanol is easier to transport and store than natural gas.

Equipment Supplied

Typical packages supplied by Mackenzie Hydrocarbons for hydrogen applications are hydrogen reformers, PSA Facilities, purification and compression facilities, electrolytic hydrogen plants, methanol dissociation, de-oxo equipment, driers, HAZOP studies, safety audit, high pressure valve & regulator packages.