Vessel Internals

A particular specialty of Mackenzie Hydrocarbons is the design and supply of vessel internals such as inlet cyclone devices,inlet vane distributors, mist eliminators, defoaming baffles, collection & distribution headers, coalescer plates,lami-flow stabilizers, structured packings, mud-wash systems, wave trap baffles, anti-motion baffles and trays. Products are designed and fabricated to meet the duty of each individual project.For designing the best combination of vessel internals to suit the purpose, the company uses a combination of its own software and specialist commercial software – “ProSim” and “Hysys” packages from Bryan software.

Supply Options

For equipment supply projects, the company can supply the entire equipment package as a complete assembly, ready to be installed and connected to external systems. Alternatively Mackenzie Hydrocarbons can offer specialised substems to other suppliers. In particular the company offers to supply fabricators of vessels the vessel internals they need to achieve the design objectives.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons has gained expertise over the years in simulating fluid behavior in
2-phase and 3-phase separators (horizontal/vertical) using CFX Multiphase Flow Software. The separator is designed along with proprietary high efficiency internals to simulate the flow pattern under given operating conditions. Parameters such as oil/water concentration @ exit, droplet size distribution, velocity gradient, etc are determined using CFD that enables to model the separator accurately with optimum design of internals.