Dehydration of Natural Gas

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons (MKZ) offers glycol absorption plants and adsorption plants.

The glycol process has been around for nearly one hundred years so there is very little opportunity to be innovative. The choice of the glycol solution is obviously critical and operating problems to avoid are foaming in the contactor and glycol losses. Having a well designed inlet scrubber system is essential and gas stripping is a useful feature.

MKZ also provides calcium chloride dehydration packages. This process uses a solid chemical bed for absorption of the water. Basically the package is a combination of a three phase separator, gas-liquid absorption tower and a solid chemical desiccant unit. These dehydrators are simple to operate but the calcium chloride needs to be replenished – usually on a monthly or bi-monthly timetable. Calcium chloride dehydration also works for LPG and naphtha type streams.

Molecular sieve and silica gel adsorption options are also available from MKZ.