Ancillary Systems Supplied to the Power Industry

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons (MKZ) services the Power Industry with specialist facilities:

  • Gas Reception Plants including pressure regulation, heating (dew point control) metering, over pressure shut down (often 2 or 3 levels), gas odorization (if necessary) and, in some instances standby LPG-Air “Syngas” plant.
  • Fuel Gas Treating – filtration, liquids removal
  • Fuel Oil Treating – electrostatic treating for removal of water and salts, heating to drive off light ends, fractionation to keep the viscosity suitable and vanadium inhibition (for gas turbines).
  • Electrochlorination plants – sea water treatment. Sea water being a usual coolant.
  • Hydrogen production, compression and storage facilities. Hydrogen is often used for cooling the alternators.

HAZOP studies and safety audits

MKZ has also conducted HAZOP studies and safety audits for the Power Industry – mostly around the hydrogen plant facilities and gas treating plants.