FPSO Projects

Mackenzie Hydrocarbons (MKZ) has many years of experience in many parts of the world designing and supplying equipment for Floating Production Storage and Off-loading (FPSO) facilities. FPSO process units supplied by MKZ include separators, electrostatic desalters and dehydrators, direct fired water bath heaters, electric element heaters, oily-water separation, condensate recovery, electrochlorination, gas treating by glycol dehydration, fuel gas treating with coalescers and filter separators, heaters and coolers, plus fuel oil treating with desalting, treating, fractionation and cooling equipment.

FPSO Design Parameters

Since FPSO facilities float on the surface of the sea, design of equipment in general, and particularly that handling liquids must allow for the effects of wave motion. In addition to process design by Mackenzie Hydrocarbons of process equipment for FPSO facilities, we offer scale model testing in the company’s model testing facilities. By simulating offshore conditions, model testing confirms optimum design of vessel internals. Four motions can be simulated – pitch, roll, heave and either surge or sway. The sixth motion – yaw – has an insignificant effect. Model testing is video recorded to allow the customer to visualise FPSO motion problems and solutions. MKZ has completed successful model testing programs for installations in Congo – West Africa, China and two sites in the West Australian gas fields.

Additional Information

Additional information regarding Mackenzie Hydrocarbons’ offshore experience, including published articles on design and modelling techniques and specific project details, are available on request.